March 02, 2012

Writer's Rainbow takes a break

I'll be heading back to school soon and need to tend to some projects before that happens. As a result, I'm limiting my blogging time to my personal blog at Rhymes with Camera and the companion blog to my novel series (The Ectosphere). I have some food writing, some short fiction and poetry also in the works as well as the final revisions on the first novel in the series. All this will take lots of time and focus, which means I'll need to step off the web for the time being.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support over the years and for your comments and encouragement along the way. I'm not sure what will happen with Writer's Rainbow in the long term but I know enough to know to never say never.

My efforts toward a downloadable book on platform development are also on hold until I have a better sense of my schedule over the next 15 months. I'll still be at work on my own creative writing projects, sneaking them in when I can, which is what I've been doing my whole life anyway, so please don't read the wrong message into this post: I'm still writing! It's what I've been doing for almost 45 years, so I don't expect the habit to die any time soon!

Parting words for now? Continue to write, keep the faith, create the work you most want to read, and keep reading, tracking the trends in publishing and interacting with each other.

With appreciation,

Tamara Kaye Sellman

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